Money talks..

(Sing it with me now) “…but it don’t sing and dance, and it don’t walk.”

Money is a tricky subject.  It is tough for people to really be honest about it, I think, although the reasons for that seem to vary widely.

The ways couples handle money – spending it, saving it, talking about it –  can vary quite a bit as well.  Five years into our marriage, and having been through the process of buying a home together, (among other things,) it is probably still true that The Hub and I haven’t discussed money the way many folks would say we should’ve.


It is a process.  For us the combining of finances and all that comes with us is a journey, not a declaration.  You know something?  About 95% of the time it has worked beautifully for us, allowing us to naturally find a balance and accentuate each person’s financial strengths and shore up each other’s weaker areas.   Do not misunderstand what I am saying here, The Hub and I had serious before-marriage conversations about vision, goals, dreams, and plans-of-action that each of us had for all sorts of different aspects of life, finances being a big part of that.  Long before I shimmied down that aisle on Daddy’s arm in my white dress, The Hub and I knew that we wanted the same things, and had a similar vision of how to go about doing that.  Then we put our faith in that knowledge and decided to climb one hill at a time.

All that being said, for my own personal attitude towards married money?  You need look no further than Proverbs 31 for the answer to that.  That chunk of text has been immensely helpful and encouraging for me throughout my marriage.  That passage kept me looking for new and creative ways to decrease our costs and increase the quality of of our living in the 5 and a half months after The Hub was laid off last year.  Renewing my dedication to that guidance will be a significant topic of discussion at Spirit Of Power.

Over the coming days and weeks, look to the growing lists  in the side bar for links to blogs and other sites that I find offer  ideas and inspiration for making the most out of your family’s money – and watch for posts on the topic as well.


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