Specifics, please.

You might be wondering what EXACTLY are the goals here, and what am I doing to work towards them?

The goals are simple – grow our family, and find a home that is more suitable to the needs of the hypothetically expanded version of our family.  Well, actually, at this point I think even this small version of our family has outgrown our current home, or at least that our needs and desires have changed drastically enough that this home can no longer meet them.

All of this means one thing, of course – money.  Having and raising a child costs money.  Buying a larger/better located home costs money.  Some times I feel like everything I do, every second of every day, including  just getting out of bed in the morning, costs money.

It is true that we are both blessed with good jobs (Thank Providence, after last year’s scary layoff for The Hub) and I am also blessed with a husband who is conservative and cautious with money (while managing to not live in fear of money or be a tightwad, for lack of a “classier term”.)

In addition to that I am somewhat known for my love of a good deal.  I am that lady in front of you at the grocery store grinning as her total drops with each coupon scanned.  I even have a blog where I note some of my favorite Deals In Denver.  And as last year’s layoff and subsequent budget tightening proved, I am perfectly willing and able to take frugality to extremely creative levels when needed.

BTW – Needed is exactly what it is, right now.  It is time for drastic measures.  Trimming every bit of wasteful spending out of my budget is just the beginning – every penny saved brings me closer to helping my family grow, and relocate.  Also, every creative way I find and use to save on everyday costs will allow me to demonstrate how we can live well on less – and that, in the end, will buy me what I think I desire most of all: time.

Precious time.  The ability to perhaps cut my own work schedule to part-time, and to devote myself to the thing I love most – being present to actively care for my husband, my furry baby doggie,  and eventually my child.  To be the heart of our home, and to allow my heart to be at home, which is where it aches to be each day when I am gone.


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