Be in Prayer.

I was directed to this blog by a friend, and overwhelmed by the raw insight it offers regarding the disaster still unfolding in Haiti.  This simple, fearful, pleading prayer particularly seared my heart:

“Father God,
We love you. We need you. We are afraid and feel alone. On some level we KNOW that is NOT TRUE. But we are weak. Please make yourself known to us in a mighty way. Make all who are suffering brave. Give us courage. Give us strength. BE WITH THE HURTING God, be with them now. Amen.”

I find myself continually in prayer about this disaster as the world decends on Haiti to offer aid, as I am sure many find themselves righ now.  Good.  Be in Prayer for the people of Haiti, and for those with the means, training, and power to help them now.



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3 responses to “Be in Prayer.

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and giving me the link to the Livesay [Haiti] blog. There is so much tragedy there…much prayer is needed!

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