Family Foundations…

These are my parents:

My beautiful, wonderful, amazing, treasured-beyond-words parents.  This was them 2 years ago cutting the cake at their 40th anniversary party.  I  am so excited because this weekend I am heading to the ‘burbs to have lunch with them and to celebrate their 42nd anniversary, which is on Monday. (I hope The Hub gets to join, but a product snafu has his whole team jumping through all kinds of hoops this week – poor hardworking guy.)

I can’t even tell you what watching their marriage during my 33 years on this earth has meant for the person I grew to become.  I sort of think that it is everything.  The foundation on which my sister and I built our entire belief structure, the vision of the goal that kept us reaching higher and higher, the safety net we knew would always catch us safely – everything we know as truth can be traced back to that cornerstone of our family.

We are so blessed – to have that example, and to have their wisdom and experience to call upon within our own marriages now. 

I can’t wait to spend some time celebrating that by just being with them this weekend.

Happy anniversary Maude and Daddy – we owe you everything, and love you more than words could ever express.


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  1. What a blessing to have your parents and the model of love they gave you.

    I just got home from a weekend with my mom and Dad, and I feel the same way! What a gift they have given me!

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