I don’t like seat warmers.

Confession:  Tiny Keri was somewhat of a bed-wetter.

Actually, scratch that.  Or add to it.  Tiny Keri and Way-too-old-to-be-doing-this Keri were both EVERYWHERE wetters.  

 I am admitting it to you all, so clearly I have no pee pride, even to this day.

I don’t know why, I just didn’t do so hot with the holding-of-the-pee.  My very intimidating, but as it turns out, very cool 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Brinker once very kindly sat me and my pants, (separately and secretly,) on the warm, blowing radiator to dry up an “accident.”  They kept a spare pair of pants in the school clinic for me until middle school.  Anytime was Potty time for Keri in my younger days. 

I grew up and got over it.  Keri pees only when appropriate now. (Thank You Very Much.)  I will say that my twin sissy has actually gotten WORSE about the whole “tiny bladder” thing as we have gotten older, but I think we have her freakish love of gas station cappuccino to thank for that. (Seriously Sissy, most people’s  road trips do not consist of chugging a “coffee” purchased at Conoco, and falling asleep drooling in the passenger seat for 3 hours before waking up and stating you have to pee, only to come out of said potty break with ANOTHER giant gas station cappuccino and start the cycle all over again.)

Which is why I occasionally panic when I climb in the passenger seat of someone else’s car ready to be transported to “point B”, and within a few minutes I feel a warm, familiar feeling spreading underneath my tush that provokes flashbacks to “accidents” from long ago.

Long story short:  If you are ever Driving Miss Keri, please don’t turn on the seat warmer.   It gives her 2nd grade pee flashbacks.

Thanks so much.


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9 responses to “I don’t like seat warmers.

  1. You totally cracked me up on this one!! Love it!! I totally feel the same way – not a fan of those!

  2. Too funny!! I am cursed with a small bladder myself, blah! My story seems like it would be similar to that of your sister’s, seeing how I also like to fall asleep in the car and then wake up and demand to be driven to the nearest restroom…
    Great post, found you from SITS!

  3. My car automatically steers to every rest stop on trips longer than 20 minutes!
    A SITS friend.

  4. I have one awful memory of wetting myself when I was old enough that I should (at least according to my parents!) have been able to avoid it.

    Our car is way too old/basic to have seat warmers, so you’d be safe with me!

    I came across from SITS because I felt bad that your Saturday Sharefest person hadn’t come to visit. Mine was around 12 hours after the actual comment, today, so there’s still time…. Anyway, pleased to meet you 🙂

  5. hee hee hee hee. Don’t tell anyone but my hubby has a fondness for visiting rest stops… if I were a guy, I would just use the woods!

  6. Julie

    laughing. a lot.

    and ohh, mrs. brinker. one of my very favorite teachers! she was amazing, wonderful, and … i was terrified of her the first day. =)

    i have a tiny bladder too – i need rest stops as often as my potty-training 3 year old! but, maybe the giant coke that i get every time i stop has something to do with it, too.

  7. Oh Julie – you sound as bad as Traci!

  8. See, that’s something we don’t see too much down here in the south: seat-warmers. This wacky-weather aside, we’re usually wanting a cooler for our nether regions 9 months (or more) out of the year!

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