Thoughtful Thursday – the short and sweet version

I know a wonderful woman who is struggling with many of the same issues I find are currently creating turmoil in my own life… 

Almost as soon as I said something to her today, I realized it was what I needed to hear too. (God always delivers the right message, at the right time, doesn’t he?)

“I very much believe that times of great trial are followed by times of amazing promotion.  The piling on of impossibly difficult, dark, seemingly answerless trials comes as God gets ready to open that next door, to prepare you to fulfill that next calling, (or it is the Enemy trying to sway you from that path, and from the joy God is creating in your life.)  Accepting God’s timing in that is the hard part.

I haven’t been doing a great job keeping my eye on that truth lately, so it sounds funny coming from me.  But I believe it with all my heart.”

It seems like maybe I haven’t been doing a great job walking in my own faith.  It takes courage sometimes, certainly.  But as the passage this blog is named for tells me, God has already given me that Spirit of Power – Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to accept and trust in the gifts God has already given us.


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