Menu Plan Monday

It’s Menu Plan Monday and I have a few things planned that I am really looking forward to…

Sunday- Brats (cooked the way I did these sausages) and boiled new herbed potatoes (The Hub’s requested menu for celebrating St Patrick’s Day)

Monday – Smothered Chicken and Roasted Veggies

Tuesday – Grilled Salmon (hooray for grilling weather) and salad

Wednesday –  Pick Your Own Panini and steamed veggies

Thursday – Having some taste testers over for a little Happy Hour at Home to try out recipes for a contest I am entering! FUN!

Friday – Grilled Pizza (seriously – everything is better on the grill. )

Be sure to check out other great ideas over at menu plan Monday at!

(BTW – I didn’t do an injection Sunday night,  just as planned.  Between the feeling that I had forgotten to do something and Daylight Savings Time,  I was up way too late.  )


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