An anniversary…

My money saving blog, Deals In Denver, is one year old today. (Happy Birthday, baby blog!)

That is a milestone, and a neat little fact for sure.  However, what it means to me is WAY more than just a “blogaversary.”

It means that a year ago The Hub was out of work and I was using every resource I could to be an even better steward of our family’s finances then I was before he was laid off.  It is true that I have only slightly loosened the purse strings on my budget in the 7 months he has been once again gainfully employed – but when Deals In Denver launched, spending as little as possible on EVERYTHING was an obsession.

It strikes me very plainly that the time I spent sharpening those saving skills and concentrating on the family finances constantly was nothing short of a gift from God.  Learning to  say “no” to myself, learning to get the most value from the money we spend, becoming truly dedicated to the proper stewardship of my family’s finances – all of this has made our “future plans” a reality.

My old “single girl” debt has dwindled, savings funds have grown,  a cushion has been created in my own accounts that allows bills to get paid without a second thought as to if the funds exist to cover it.

In short – it made me grow up, step up, and start truly striving towards the Proverbs 31 principles I had always said that I lived by.

And all of this is what will allow us to move forward, to grow our family, continue to meet our goals, and to set new ones as we go along.  The almost 6 months we spent with The Hub searching for a new job was a very trying time (to be polite about it,) but sometimes when little things don’t get our attention, or set us on the path of His intention,  life altering events are needed to shake us into recognition.

I hope to keep working on Deals In Denver for years to come, as a testament to my ongoing commitment to our family’s financial heath, a tribute to hard-earned lessons I have learned,  and as a resource to those seeking to create that same health in their own family’s finances.


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