Thoughtful Thursday – Travelin’ Man

The Hub travels for work.  He has a fair amount of flexibility as to when he goes, but lots of his responsibilities require being other places for short periods of time.

He traveled quite a bit in his previous job, and after him being out of work those months,  I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth because he has a great job that he is insanely good at  – and  I am so proud of him every day.

He arrived home this morning from a trip that was slightly longer than usual, probably walking through the front door almost literally as I was walking out the back.  I have to tell you, I found myself jealous of the dog this morning as I left, because Potter will get to see him the second he walks in the door; while I have to cool my heals at the office all day before I get him in the sight of my sore eyes.

I don’t know why, maybe it was the couple extra days, or even the idea of them, but this one hurt.  This time I was sad.  I really, REALLY missed him.  Like, “listening-to-Gary-Allan-songs, watching-Lifetime-Movie-Network-in-the-dark-with-a-vat-of-liquid-cheese, crying-into-the-dog’s-fur”  kind of missed him. Like bad.  Like whoa.

I am always fine when he has to travel – I go to happy hour, cook things he doesn’t eat, leave the dishes piled in the sink overnight, sleep with the TV on because I can, and generally embrace the “me time.”   But not this time.  This time I didn’t feel like I had the energy to do anything.

I know it is very important for our family that he goes where he needs to go to bring home the bacon and all that, and I also know that he is really REALLY good at his job and seems to enjoy it for the most part.

I also know that I am really glad that this leg of it is over, and I can’t wait to get home tonight.



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2 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday – Travelin’ Man

  1. Jason

    Awesome blog keri. You and I have a lot in common on the spousal situation but in reverse. I know exactly how you are feeling. Christi is gone until Friday and I can’t wait for her to get home 🙂


  2. Julie

    yeah, patrick was gone this weekend. it used to be easier to embrace the alone time (although i guess i’ve always had a strong mix of loving the doing-whatever-i-want, and missing him so much i don’t know what to do with myself) but now that it’s not alone time, it’s just harrowing, every time. i miss him. i don’t sleep well. i have no patience for my poor kiddos who are misbehaving because daddy is gone and it messes them up and they don’t understand. i was soooooo glad to see him when he got home yesterday – it was like he’d been gone for a month.
    i’m glad you have todd home all week! =)

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