Thoughtful Thursday – Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! 

Earth Day always makes me mindful of Humans’ role as God’s Stewards of the planet he created.  Genesis describes Him making man and putting him in Eden to care for His garden, and of the Rainbow and the covenant God made with man and with all of the creatures on the Earth.

We have a huge responsibility in our hands.  Every beautiful thing that our Father in heaven created is ours to care for.  It seems we haven’t done a very good job up to this point.  We have reaped the harvests of this planet for generations, practically unchecked, and now we are the ones who need to clean up the messes we have made and the damage we have done.

And not through conspicuous consumption of whatever new and trendy eco-friendly product comes on the market next.  Don’t get me wrong, it is great that those choices are being offered now, but changing your effect on God’s amazing creation doesn’t require riches.  Little changes to daily living matter in big ways.   Recycling , reusing what we already have instead of buying more ‘stuff’, reusing what other people are done with instead of tossing it away, using the two feet God gave us to get us from point A to point B when we can, eating the local bounty of our own area, picking up that piece of trash on the ground and disposing of it properly, Eviting, reusable bagging, planting a tree. 

Sharing – a ride, a meal, an outgrown shirt, a magazine you have already enjoyed.  Anything.

Today celebrate Earth Day in your actions, and also in your grateful prayers honoring God’s creation, His gift, and the responsibility He gave us in watching over it.


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  1. Love it! Great Idea. You’ve got a fabulous blog.

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