Menu Plan Monday

Bad Keri – I totally skipped Menu Plan Monday last week – or rather I spaced on posting my menu (it was still hanging on the side of the fridge, helping me stay on track through the week,) oops.  Anyway, here is this week’s plan.

Sunday: Pasta with Pesto (this recipe, from the freezer), Garlic Bread, Salad

Monday:  Greek Salad and Oregano Crusted Lamb Wraps (ETA – these were DELICIOUS, if I may say so!)

Tuesday: Peach Adobo Grilled Chicken, Foil Packet Grilled Veggies

Wednesday:  Hoisin Beef Stir Fry

Thursday:  Smoked Sausage, Potatoes, and Peppers

Friday/Weekend: Grilled Pizza

-I continue my relentless obsession with BLTs for lunch, so I will have those or leftovers in my lunchbox this week.  For The Hub I have turkey sandwich fixings in the fridge, and on Tuesday when I make the grilled chicken, I will probably chunk and bread an extra breast or two so he can have nuggets, since he is going to be home for lunches over the next few weeks.

For more Menu Plan Monday, head over to I’m An Organizing Junkie.

My “close your eyes and click” Menu Plan Monday blogger mention this week is Becky at Saving Bits and Pieces.  Those Enchiladas look super tasty, and bet I could even get The Hub to eat them!


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