Today’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

Forgive my angry words towards that stranger. My own anger over what seems to be true this morning made me more sensitive than I should have been, I believe. Please Father, I know I was wrong, and I see that this awful incident is probably your way of telling me (loudly, since I have not listened) to be grateful for all I have, and slow to speak against it.  Stand with me so that I do not forget that.

I am sad at what appears to be happening, and that feeling has grown from a small pang of disappointment into a sea of accepting hurt that I know I can’t allow myself to swim in for very long or it will lead me away from the good in The Truth that I know.  Help me to do that Father, and to continue to worship and work while I wait on your appointed time.

This I pray in Jesus’ Name – Amen


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