Thoughtful Thursday – How very un-Keri.

This morning while sipping my coffee and watching a little 9 News, I was caught off guard by my reaction to the extended forcast.  This weekend’s highs are going to be in the 80’s, and instead of pouting that the clouds and showers would ruin a beloved day at the pool, I found myself strangely happy about the prospect.

My mind turned immediately to the idea of baking something yummy since the Tree House a/c won’t be combating already sweltering temperatures leaving me loathe to turn on my oven.

Suddenly I realized, I think I am ready for Fall.   The petunias on the patio are getting leggy and crunchy beyond hope of saving, I have sucked up almost enough time (hey, we still have a few good weekends left,) hanging out poolside; and trying to figure out if I should dress for the blazing heat of the outside or the freezing cold over air-conditioned interior of the school  is BEYOND irritating by now…

Yep – I am ready for cozy sweaters and tights, cute scarves and boots; big bowls of steaming soups and stews around the table on a chilly evening; and for all the TV shows to start their new seasons. I am even ready for the students to return for another year at school.

I am ALWAYS so ready for summer when it comes, and a lot may change by this time next year; but still I think I will be ok saying goodbye to this one and hello to a cool, crisp, promising  Fall.


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One response to “Thoughtful Thursday – How very un-Keri.

  1. Strangely, in spite of our VERY SHORT summer this year, I’m feeling fall-ish, too. I would love to have an extended fall to compensate for our brief heat.

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