Menu Plan Monday

Happy Labor Day!

It is the official end of Summer, and the prospect of hunkering down for another winter in the Tree House has me feeling very “Nest-ie” and loving towards home and family.  Lucky me, I have The Hub home for dinner every night this week – so what’s on the table this week?

Sunday: Grilled Turkey Burgers with Cheddar, Fries

Monday: Beef Stew and Rolls (this time around I used round steak cut into cubes – super inexpensive)

Tuesday: Grilled Quesadillas

Wednesday: Chicken Tenders with BBQ dipping sauce, Roasted veggies

Thursday: Asian Pork Salad

Friday/Weekend: Pizza

Lunches: The Hub is loaded up with Mac and Cheese in the freezer, along with extra Chicken tenders from Wednesday’s dinner, and even pizza rolls (shhhh, don’t judge me!) for a treat.  I have veggie burgers to use up the leftover buns from Sunday’s grill-fest, along with extra quesadilla fixin’s and raw veggies to dip in ranch for my lunches.

Don’t forget to check out the Menu Plan Monday round up over at I’m an Organizing Junkie for lots of other great ideas, ( look at the bacon cheddar muffins she made – oh my stars those look good!) My “close your eyes and click” Menu Plan Monday blogger mention this week is Anna over at Kitchen Writer, who is actually in the process of moving out my way to Colorful Colorado – stop by and check out her yummy ideas for family meals!


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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog Keri! I love the idea of “close your eyes and click” – great way to explore new blogs and meal ideas. Your menu looks very tasty. After reading it, I now find myself craving quesadillas… I’ve never had them grilled, but it sounds wonderful.

    (And I can’t wait to make it to Colorado! We’re looking at just over two weeks until we finally get there.)

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