Thoughtful Thursdays – The Death of a Blog?

So it hasn’t JUST been SOP that has been suffering from my blog slacking of late.

Truthfully, I have a whole little family of blogs, all of which have been getting the short end of the stick lately.

Eat Drink and Be Keri has a mountain of recipes photographed and waiting to be made into posts, and even …And I Wore This has been making a comeback in my camera’s memory card (if not online yet) in honor of the bump-tastic pregnancy fashions I am so looking forward to sporting. (I actually “took a break” from this one when I started SOP.)

But none of them have suffered more neglect than the one I was so passionate about for so long – Deals In Denver.  It has shrunk to one post a week,  and that one has become a somewhat half-hearted update of what is “fun and frugal” to do around the area each weekend.

Each week as I construct that post, the feelings of guilt grow a little stronger – as of late I have considered calling it quits on DiD – walking away and concentrating more on SOP and ED&BK.

The stinker is, I am still just as passionate about saving money as I was when I started DiD, still just as frugal and as crazy about it as I ever was. You are always going to find Keri on the hunt for a good deal –  I am just not that excited to write it all down anymore.   Couple that with the fact that my experiences dipping my feet into the product review and giveaway pool didn’t exactly spark my interest to wade in deeper, and poor DiD’s cobwebs just keep getting thicker.

Honestly – there are so many great blogs out there about how to save a buck, a lot of the same national information gets repeated on blog after blog, and at least one truly fabulous local blog has Denver well-covered for activity ideas on a budget. 

So why the guilt – why the hesitation to walk away?

How do you know when it is time? In a web-o-sphere overflowing with endless numbers of blogs big and small, does it even really matter if one goes kaput?  Is it the voice of my father telling me winners don’t quit, or just my own ego keeping things rolling at this point?

If a blog falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, was it ever really making a sound to begin with?


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