Thoughtful Thursday – The Thankful ed.

Feeling very thankful and blessed and VERY aware of it lately.

Any time I stop and really think about it for even a moment, I get overwhelmed by the blessings God has poured out into my life.   It humbles me to even try to comprehend.

My amazing family – starting with my parents and the adoption that brought them together with Dr Sissy and me, the unconditional love and the guidance and wisdom they have given us;  The Hub and my sweet, furry little Potter Pie – and the home we have built and share together.

And now the bambino – this little Curd of a Cub (since my daddy always called/s me Ker-Bear, of course the little one is “the Cub”) who is doing SO well – growing strong and safe inside of me, leaving me totally in awe of how amazing that is, and again, so SO humbled to be trusted with “the heritage of The Lord” (Psalms 127:3.)

From little things like Potter being extra cuddly, or being able to sink into a nice comfy seat after a long day and just relax – to giant things like the health of my family, the roof over our heads, and another amazing day starting each morning, I just have these moments of being overwhelmed with thankfulness in my heart.

I hope I always remember to stop, to take it in, and to be thankful, in actions, words, and prayer.

I hope you take a minute today and celebrate a “Thankful Thursday” too – and count all of the blessings He has filled this life with for us all.


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