Menu Plan Monday

We had our first round of Thanksgiving over the weekend, celebrating with the extended family in honor of Dr. Sissy, BIL, and Vaughny’s visit to the Mile High City!  (Mmmm, smushy nephew time – I love it!) I am blissfully loaded down with leftovers, and finding that having that extra slice of pumpkin pie “for the baby” is a VERY good thing!

We have some simple dinners planned this week – I confess that I just wasn’t feeling all that creative when it came time to plan the menu this time around.

Sunday: We actually skipped dinner – still full from early Thanksgiving earlier that day (there was some Cheddar and Carmel popcorn snacking, but no real dinner.)

Monday: Baked Potatoes Ole! (Baked potatoes topped with taco seasoned ground turkey, with a selection of taco fixings for topping)

Tuesday:  Buffalo Turkey Quesadillas and Fries

Wednesday: Chicken Broccoli Potato Soup and Paninis

Thursday: Beef Stroganoff

Friday/Weekend: Cheesy Pasta Bake with veggies

Lunches: For me it will be all about the leftovers – I can’t get enough turkey sandwiches (I am a Thanksgiving leftover FREAK!)  The Hub has some frozen meal selections, and some leftover Pizza from a dinner this past weekend, so that should see him through.

For more great ideas, check out the Menu Plan Monday round up at I’m an Organizing Junkie!   My “Close Your Eyes and Click” featured menu blogger for the week from OrgJunkie is Jesse over at Vanderbilt Wife – she is also feeling the “keep it simple” vibe this week, so stop by and check out her ideas!


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