Menu Plan Monday

Yesterday was Cookie Exchange day – so I am finding it hard to resist the urge to just have cookies for dinner every night.

BUT – in the interest of pretending that nutrition guidelines interest me more than a good sugar rush, I guess I will mix it up a bit.

Sunday:  Chicken and Veggie Pasta with Cheesy Ranch Sauce, Garlic Bread (this is from a dinner kit I got on sale, and it was GOOD!)

Monday:  Creamy Chicken Burritos with Enchilada Sauce

Tuesday: Buffet of Leftovers (we have a lot in the fridge and freezer!)

Wednesday: Salmon (red meat for The Hub) and Salad

Thursday: Take out  (busy day at work for both of us)

Friday/Weekend:  Beef Stew with Crusty Bread

Lunches:  Well, we have all of those leftovers piling up, so I am making sure they are portioned for easy use for lunches so we can both find something fast and tasty when thinking about lunch.  If The Hub gets bored, there is his favorite trusty mac and cheese in the freezer, and I also have salad fixings to green things up a bit.

Looking for more great ideas for your upcoming menus?  Check out the Menu Plan Monday Round Up over at I’m an Organizing Junkie!

My “Close My Eyes and Click” featured fellow MPM blogger of the week from the round up is Lynn over at Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures – check out that Crockpot Round Steak, YUM!!!

Now back to finding a way to justify having a cookie for breakfast.


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