Menu Plan Monday

Happy Menu Plan Monday!

I have my husband back with me after some lonely dinners last week, and there are some tasty things in store for dinners this week.

The freezer is in need of some emptying so I can use up some of the things that have been pushed back into the corners, so all I bought this week at the grocery store was some bananas, some milk, and some bread. Everything else is just using up what we have!

Here is HOW we are using it:

Sunday – Stuffed Pork Chops with roasted potatoes and carrots. (updated to include link)

Monday – Breakfast For Dinner – egg sammies, hash browns, green salad

Tuesday –  Salisbury Steak (for the Hub) and Salmon (for me) – Mashed potatoes and gravy

Wednesday – Beef Stew (my usual recipe with frozen leftovers from this) and crusty bread

Thursday – Pasta with meatballs and marinara, garlic bread

Friday/Weekend – Chicken tacos

Lunches – The usual mix of leftovers and frozen options for The Hub, and leftovers supplemented with veggies and dip or salads for me. (Gimmie more RANCH!!!)

Looking for more great ideas for your upcoming menus?  Check out the Menu Plan Monday Round Up over at I’m an Organizing Junkie – and DON’T overlook her entry this week – delicious baked goods and some fabulous dinner ideas!!  (I haven’t done 40 clove chicken in FOREVER – sounds good!)

My “Close My Eyes and Click” featured fellow MPM blogger of the week from the round up is Jill over at Meal Plan-it –  Fish and Chips, another one I haven’t done in a while! mmmmmmm!



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2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m intrigued by your stuffed pork chops, do you have a recipe for them?
    Have a wonderful week!

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