It’s not your kid I’m eying, I promise.

So we already know from the shameful frank confession here  that I stalk houses.  (My current obsession is a 3 bed, 2 bath number in Uni Hills with a giant backyard, beautiful kitchen and must-have-but-hard-to-find-there 2 car garage.  But I digress.)

I have a new and equally scary hobby.  Christmas shopping trips have given me ample opportunity to find subjects to stare at, and I confess to being totally out of control.

But if you see me in the mall or the park it only LOOKS like I am gawking for an inappropriate amount of time at your, (I am sure totally adorable, ) child.  What I am really sizing up is your stroller and/or carseat, I promise.

It all started with the Orbit and Dr. Sissy.  You see,  Dr. Sissy chose the Orbit system for my smushy little nephew Vaughn, and she has had quite the love affair with it from day one.  She is beyond devoted to it.   Now I will let you google as desired if you aren’t familiar with the system, but to put it politely, it isn’t inexpensive. So she called recently asking if “an Orbit just happened to fall in your lap, would you want it?”

I went into quite the little tale spin, weighing the pros and cons of the Graco Snugride/Metrolite combo I had test driven the heck out of at the store vs the pros and cons of the Orbit system.  I polled the mommy masses in my life and I read endless reviews online and in Baby Bargains.  The back and forth also kicked my shopping center stalking into overdrive, as I watched parents go about everyday tasks while utilizing their own picks for baby transport.

It was watching a woman wrestle a Bugaboo’s separate base and stroller seat into the back of her SUV in the parking garage of the mall that finally had me accepting that the Orbit’s design (also with separate folding base and full-sized seat,) while SUPER cool and lightweight, just wasn’t going to work for day-to-day storage and utilization in our urban life the way that it worked in Dr. Sissy’s sprawling suburban one.

Bye Bye Orbit – hello crazy staring, question asking lady.

I know it isn’t right to follow parents around the mall – but the woman peering out from behind the plant or the ProActiv Cart isn’t REALLY looking at you – she is watching you navigate the  crowds and shove your stuff under your snap n go while mentally comparing it to the parent she saw at Bed Bath and Beyond pushing a SnugRider frame earlier that day.  Pinky Swear.

I have no shame if I see an opportunity.  At a holiday lunch last week for some of the staff at work, one of my coworkers who is on maternity leave came by with her precious baby daughter in tow.  I left the oohing and ahhing over the baby to the other folks in the room – my first question was “So rockin’ the Snugride, eh?  How’s it treatin’ ya?”  (And then I whipped out my phone and took down some quick notes about her comments.)

Pay no attention to the pregnant lady loitering by the play area stroller corral –  she means no harm.

(And of you make eye contact, she will probably ask if she can try folding your stroller with one hand. You’ve been warned.)


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2 responses to “It’s not your kid I’m eying, I promise.

  1. Not having a kid, I can’t really offer much advice, but just wanted to say good call on forgoing the Orbit. A good friend has one for her 18-month old, and I have always called it his “contraption.” The stroller handles well, but the whole system is just big and bulky and unwieldy. Good luck with your choice!

  2. But you’re a cute crazy question asking lady, so I don’t think they’ll mind much. You don’t look creepy or anything, and at this point you certainly are obviously pregnant so hopefully nobody thinks you are just weird.

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