Thoughtful Thursday – Doing a “check in” with myself

In the past I have written about doing a “State of Your Union” meeting with your spouse to kind of check in and keep the lines of communication open regarding long-term family goals as well as day-to-day “stuff” that might otherwise get swept under the rug.

But what about taking a second to do a little check in with yourself – to see where you think you stand, and refocus your concentration and energy where you really want it to be?

I have been doing that this week – spending time in prayer, re-evaluating and re-focusing on goals and just generally setting myself back on the path I mean to be on. 

Some things are fairly simple:

-I cleaned my desk at work, clearing out accumulated clutter that was no longer needed so I can see the forest through the trees again (for a few weeks anyway.)

-I’m in the process of doing the same thing to the closets around the Tree House (a little more painful and time-consuming, because I am a pack rat, but needs to be done.)

-I reorganized my coupon holder to maximize ease of use when planning trips to the store and menu planning.

Some things are a little tougher:

–  I am praying and working on concentrating on the positive aspects of things – not getting bogged down in the problems and negatives that can overwhelm me – blessings abound, and I want to focus on that and not be envious, greedy, angry, or sad.  I am, by nature, a worrier on a GRAND scale, so this takes a lot of  conscience thought (and prayer!)

-I took a good hard look at my spending and budget, and tightened up some slack – I have made great progress in knocking out the last of my left over “single girl” debt, but with the baby coming I want every spare cent going towards getting that ugly monkey off my back ASAP!

Those are the major things I’ve been looking at within my own life –  of course everyone has their own “problem areas”.

Spend a few minutes checking in with yourself and refocusing this week and get 2011 off to a great start!


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