Menu Plan Monday

Ok, things are a little uninspired in my menu this week – but it is kind of a freezer clean-out week for me, so I am using a lot of what we have until I can kind of “see the forest through the trees” in my freezer again.

Sunday – Crock-pot Chicken with Egg Noodles, Mashed Poatoes,Gravy, and Broccoli.  (My family always did Chicken and Noodles with Mashed Potatoes AND Egg Noodles.)

Monday – Meatless Monday, Grilled Cheese and Oven Fries

Tuesday –  Pasta Marinara with Chicken Sausage and Garlic Bread

WednesdayGround Turkey Tacos

Thursday – Hoisin Beef with Steamed Veggie Lo Mein

Friday/Weekend–  Grilled Pizza and Salad

Lunches- All about the leftovers this week!  There is lots of leftover Chicken and Noodles, and I will be freezing half of the dark meat from the full chicken I crockpotted for that dish to use for my future lunches, and eating the rest this week. The Hub has mac and cheese, and some frozen meals to pick from.

For more great menu plan ideas, don’t forget to stop by the Menu Plan Monday over at I’m an Organizing Junkie!  This week’s Spirit of Power ”Close My Eyes and Click” featured fellow MPM blogger of the week from the round up is Bibiana over  at Daily Organized Chaos – (what a fun name to say… “Bibiana.”  I like it!)


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