Menu Plan Monday

1 Month ’til D-Day, people!!!  I confess I am stacking coupons with sales and hording large amounts of convenience foods I wouldn’t normally use (Hello, Rice a Roni – you certainly come in a lot of different varieties now!)

I am majorly intimidated by the idea of feeding us with a newborn that may very well demand to be held by me at all times…

So I also continue cooking up a storm and freezing things too – so it might be possible to say to The Hub “see that pan in the fridge?  Turn the oven to 350, set the timer for an hour, and shove that pan into the oven.”   This is the closest he is going to come to cooking, and I am OK with that (he is ready and willing to order take out on demand and as often as needed, and that is a very good thing – but it is nice to have meals to heat and eat at home.)

I am also trying out a personal chef that my folks gifted us  – she  is going to come in this week and cook up 3 dinners that will be suitable for freezing – if I like her then she will probably come back after the Cub makes his grand entrance.

This week has lots of things I will be doubling up on in the Menu Plan to freeze.

Sunday – PW Pan Fried Pork Chops,  Roasted Carrots and Potatoes  (I got carrots on sale, so I am blanching a bunch to freeze too)

Monday – Pasta with Bolognese Sauce (and I will be browning 4 lbs of ground beef to freeze as well – easy for tacos, pasta, etc)

Tuesday – Grilled Chicken and Caesar Salad (Yep – extra chicken will be grilled and frozen)

Wednesday  – Pizza (I have an HOA meeting so this will be all about The Hub and a Pizza-cicle)

Thursday –  BBQ Chicken Paninis and Oven Fries (I have 5 lbs of potatoes that will be turned into oven fries and frozen – I freeze these all the time by slightly undercooking, cooling before placing in to storage bags and into the freezer.  To use just cook at 400 degrees in 5 minute intervals until brown and crispy.)

Friday/Weekend – Bean and Cheese Enchiladas and mexi-rice (Meatless Meal)

Lunches – Leftovers for both of us – with me making giant batches of so much lately, I will just leave some extra portions in the fridge for lunches.

Don’t forget to check out the Menu Plan Monday round up over at (the super fancy and newly redesigned) I’m an Organizing Junkie for lots of great Menu Plans and ideas.  I am skipping my “Close my eyes and click”  mention of a fellow menu planner this week – hoping you will poke around OrgJunkie and the fab new design for a bit instead.


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