I get it…

Cooper has been having some reflux issues – very text book kind of stuff – and as it typical with little ones it tends to be worse in the evening. 

Poor kiddo.

Yesterday as we rocked together in the growing dark of dusk in his nursery, and each time he seemed close to sleep a new wave of discomfort would leave him crying and writhing again ( and as I held him helplessly, not able to do anything but pray that God will ease that pain, that the medicine will start to help soon, tears streaming down my face knowing that he hurts and is so tiny and I can’t help him,) this song by Mark Schultz came to mind, and I sung it to him as we cuddled and rocked and prayed:

I hope as the medicine builds in his tiny little system he will feel better, and I hope  I caught it in time to spare him the worst pain – as the song says, I would so take his place and have that pain myself instead of him if I could.

He’s not just anyone – he’s my son.


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