Unexpected rewards of mommydom.

There are plenty of wonderful and rewarding things about being a parent, of course.  All of the baby snuggles and smiles and coos, and the cuteness of watching Junior sleep; or seeing his eyes wide and calm and exploring the world – I can’t get enough of any of it, for sure.

HOWEVER, there have been some unexpected bonuses to being a mom that are fabulous as well:

-I always have a hot dinner date, no questions asked.  (For example, I have been craving sushi for a week, but The Hub isn’t a huge fan.  Coop and I went while he was out of town.)

Niiiice. (And no one trying to bogart the last piece of spicy tuna roll, either!)


This whole “singing to the dog on walks” thing has, as suspected, been remedied by toting the kiddo along.  I could ratchet up the crazy to epic proportions and still get nothing but supportive smiles from the folks in the neighborhood as long as Coop is along for the walk.


-Occasionally it is tougher trying to get an extra person dressed each morning, but picking out Cooper’s clothes has some advantages.

(Yes, yes she does son.)

This also works if you want to earn brownie points with others –

(we also have one that says “My aunt is awesome.”  Do you think they sell “Mommy’s boss is the best person ever, she told me so, bet he thinks she should have a raise” onesies?)


-My age-inappropriate TV taste is now easily explained:

Other person walking into room, “Oh, I see you are watching Sesame Street for Cooper.”

Me, “Um, yes…  for Cooper.  Riiiiiight.”

(The same idea applies for the amount of stuffed animals I have in my life as well.)


-The a/c in the nursery works better than any other room – “oh, I should really sleep in the baby’s room, in case he needs me, honey.”   (ahhhhhhh)

-The Hub has been known to snore… see comment above.


(And the baby snuggles….  those are nice too.)   🙂





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