Careful – He answers prayers.

Each night before Cooper drifts off to sleep, we pray our simple prayer that I hope to share with him for years to come:

“Thank you for the food we eat, thank you for our life so sweet, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you God for everything.”

And then when I give Potter his good night cuddle, we pray the same prayer that we have since he was a brand new member of the family years ago:

“Dear God, keep us safe, and healthy, and together, and hold us in the palm of your hand.”

It is a nice to have a ritual with each of them, and to spend a minute each day reflecting on these sweet little lives God has given us to share.

My own prayers throughout my days lately tend to be about pretty mundane things.  Finding time to do things, strength to make small changes, guidance to get through each day.  I sometimes think “I should stop bothering Him.  God isn’t going to bother with these silly little things.”

But God does answer.  It hit me this morning as I was shelping down the 8 flights of stairs from our condo to my parking spot in the sub garage, (Two bags of stuff over my shoulders and Jr in his carseat in my arms,) and asking “ugh, God why is this happening now?”    Just an hour before as I pulled up my tighter-all-the-time jeans I had lamented “I have no time to work out – God help me control my weight.”

BAM!  The elevator goes out, and I am taking the stairs – hello mini-workout.

And for weeks I have been ignoring the reminder on my calendar about making a dentist’s appointment for myself, putting it on a list of things I put off while (half-heartedly,) praying for a little “shove” to get them done.

Sunday morning I bring my coffee mug to my mouth and TAH-DAH!  My front tooth gets chipped and I am at the dentist the next day, prompting me to schedule my appointment for a routine visit after having the chip repaired.

He answers.  In all the most creative ways.

Careful – prayer is powerful.


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