My village is BIG

So we all know that old (may-or-may-not-be African proverb) saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” right?  I have been thinking a lot about it this week, as our dear friends who recently moved to Georgia prepared to welcome their son, who arrived yesterday in all of his fabulous newborn sweetie baby glory.

When they welcomed their daughter 2 years ago, I was in the waiting room of the hospital with another of our girlfriends when the new daddy wheeled the itty-bitty girl out in her tiny baby bin to greet her crazy aunts for the first time just after birth.  And we got almost out of the hospital when he came to track us down and tell us that new momma wanted “to see her girls.” so we rushed back to give her some love in the recovery room after her c-section.

Every week for a while after they brought their beautiful baby girl home, I whipped up a dish they could either eat or freeze and took it over.  Another friend made the most beautiful quilt that matched her sweet little room perfectly.  We could take care of her, and, since she was the first in our little group to have a kiddo, we learned from her and depended on her experience when we started following suit.

I have been trying to figure out how to be “a part of her village” from across the country…  I mailed off a gift card, ordered up a Harry and David’s food basket that should arrive around the time everybody comes home from the hospital,  sent my love and well-wishes in all the non-intrusive ways I could think of…  and oh- how I wish I was there.

But it also made me realize that MY village is bigger than those that live near me as well.  Along with my dear newly rooted Georgia Peach friend, I rely on Dr Sissy in Indiana, The Hub’s fam in Texas, and fabulous friends all across the country, with Facebook and Twitter and Skype and e-mail and unlimited long-distance text and talk plans (holler!) my village is everywhere.

I am so grateful for the amazing support system of family and friends in my life – and for all of the ways we have to stay close and connected.

(But I still want to go to Atlanta and snuggle that new baby.)  🙂



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