A month of Thanks

Can you believe that it is November 1st already?  2011 is like a big, joyful blur when I think about it passing – so SO much to be thankful for.

So in honor of the month of Thanksgiving, I give you “A Month of Thanks” on SOP!

Every day I will post one thing, big or small, that I am thankful for in my life.  I would love to have you share what you are feeling thankful for in the comments if the mood strikes you – it is so good to reflect on the amazing and abundant blessings He provides.

Of course since this is day one of the 2011 version of this, I can’t start with anything other than the biggest and most amazing and life altering blessing I could ever even hope to imagine – my Doodle Bug, also known as “Tiny,” or “Junior,” or, of course, Cooper.

This kid, from the beginning of my knowledge of his existence, has left me overwhelmed with thankfulness.  The idea that God chose me to be his mom blows my mind.  It is an honor I have grappled to even fathom since I happily sobbed “two pink lines” into the phone at Dr. Sissy while holding the test in my hand.   This time last year we were so cautiously joyful – pregnancy was not without a few little scares for us – and this year we have this fabulous little guy with us and I just can’t get enough Coop.

To say I am thankful for him is an understatement of epic proportions.  I am in awe of the impossibly fabulous tressure God has shared with us.   Absolute gob-smacked awe.

I would say that is a good place to start my list, wouldn’t you?



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