Nana Thankful

Today I am feeling especially thankful for my mom – “Maude” as I called her when I was growing up, or “Nana” as she is known to her grand kids (and grand doggies.)

When The Hub travels, Nana comes to stay with Cooper, Potter, and me.  She snuggles the kiddo while I wash bottles or make dinner (or even sneak in a nice bath,) or whatever else I need to get done. She ventures outside with the doggie so Coop and I can stay inside where it is warm (or she hangs out with Jr so I can go have a walk with Potter and have some special “mommy/doggie bonding time.”)  She changes diapers, and clothes, and eats dinner with us and does bedtime story-reading, and gives good morning hugs, and all the other fabulous things that Cooper gets when Nana comes to visit.  But it is SO much more than that.  After Cooper is all snuggly sound asleep in his crib, I get to sit side-by-side on the loveseat with my mom,  and catch up on family news, or swap funny stories, or just  watch TV together.  And in the morning, we get to wake up with Nana in the house to share coffee and morning giggles, like we did today!  I am thankful for that time with my Maude.

(and thankful that she thinks of it as a treat as well.)   🙂




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3 responses to “Nana Thankful

  1. Maude

    So much love, Thank you!!! Maude

  2. Erika

    This post got me a little weepy. In a good way! Gotta go call my mom. 🙂

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