Thankful for dear old friends

Today I get to go to “Canvas and Cocktails” with one of my dearest, oldest, truest friends, Misty.  Oh how I love me some Misty.  We have been thick-as-thieves since our Girl Scout days (and we are talking Brownies here, people – way, WAY back.)

If there is important story in my life,  you can bet that Misty’s name is going to come up in it at least once.  Misty is that friend that everyone (I hope) had growing up – the kind where you are around so much you are just one of the family, and so you had better pitch in on cleaning day, or carry the groceries in, etc.  Misty’s family includes 3 fabulous sisters and they all figure into my life stories prominently, really.  The youngest sister, Sarah, was with me when a crazy suburban lady in a conversion van ran the stop sign in front of the High School and hit the Keri-mobile (we were fine, but that woman got an earful, followed by the smug look wiped right off her face as she learned that I was buddies with every police officer in town back then.)  Kimmy, the oldest of the bunch, shared her locker with me in “senior hall” when I was a lowly freshman, and took me to see The Cure.  The fabulous in that family runs deep and long and loyal.  Love those girls.

I am so excited to spend the time with Misty today – she is mom to two fabulous little girls, and busy mom schedules keep things, um, interesting when trying to find time to get together – but I always know that it doesn’t matter if it has been 3 hours or 3 months, Misty and Keri (or Mariana and Carolina, as we still refer to each other thanks to high school Espanol class,) will be CloserThanThis no matter what.

So thankful to have such an amazing woman in my life.  LOVE YOU MARIANA!!


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