Product thankful

Today I am thankful for 5 hour energy.  I am less thankful for the return to Standard Time, as it seems that they do not actually translate that memo into “baby”.  So to all the tired moms who were up with their bright-eyed kiddos at 4:30 am today, cheers to you ladies:


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  1. Julie

    ugh, time changes have been the bane of my existence for the past 5 years. i’m so glad it’s always on the weekend, when my early-riser hubs can deal with his early-riser kiddos on the first day. except for the one that is nursing – not a whole lot he can do to help there! the whole first week is so miserable, trying to get everyone back on the regular eating, napping, sleeping schedule. finn decided that disturbing his schedule means that he needs to be up an extra time during the night now. awesome. i hope you and coop are getting back to normal! =)

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