Thankful for Doctors.

Today I am thankful for Doctors.  Because today my Sissy, (Doctor Sissy, actually,) and her husband, (Doctor Brother-in-law,) are trading in their own white coats and scrubs to be patients, and welcome my niece into the world!

Dr. BIL is an anesthesiologist, and I know it has to be tough to set aside that surgery mindset and be a husband during a C-Section, but it also much be kind of comforting to know that you will understand the discussion in the room too.

Whenever someone I know is having a medical procedure, or feeling crummy, I like to pray not only for them, but for the doctors and nurses (and everyone else) caring for them.   That is a lot for those people to take on, I figure if anyone could use the hand of God guiding them, it is those charged with healing and renewing on the Earth.

So today Dr. Sissy will be concentrating on her other title, “Mommy” – she is fabulous at both, and I am so proud of her and so blessed to be a part of her growing family.

Love you all out there!



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