Snips and snails and puppy dog tails Thankful

This is my sweetie 2 year old nephew Vaughn.

(Doesn’t he just look every bit the little Mid Western boy that he is in this picture?  I love it.)

I have been pretty much over-the-moon for him ever since Dr. Sissy first told us she was preggo with the family’s first nephew/grandchild/next-generation-type offspring.  He turned me into the baby head sniffer I am today. (incidentally, I think he is around the same age Coop is now in that example of my head sniffing.  I feel like I blinked and now the kid knows more words than I do!)

Since Nana is out there hanging out with them in Indy, I have been lucky enough to get to hear Vaughny use all of those words almost every day this week on the phone.

And every time he says “I love you Aunt Keri” and I hear him go running back to play after handing the phone to Nana, I am very, VERY thankful for his sweet little self.


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