Thankful for Pop (My Daddy)

It’s Sunday, and on Sunday we get to see Pop.  (Well really we usually get to see Nana AND Pop, but Nana is still soaking up time with baby Gia and Vaughny, so it is all about Pop.)

This is Pop and Coop watching some Football:

He is a VERY good Pop.

However, long before he was that, and as long as I have known him (ha,) he has been a very good Father.  Scratch that, he has been a VERY good Daddy.  Dr. Sissy and I will always be “Miss Muffet and Ker-ber” to him, just as we have been since we were itty-bitty and each sitting on one of his knees at the breakfast table while he read us comic strips from the news paper.

He made us giggle, dried our tears when we were sad,  bet us cokes and snickers bars that we couldn’t triple jump as far as him (and then totally let us win,) went to work every day (after waving goodbye to two little blonde heads in the upstairs window) and worked hard all day to take care of our little family.

When I got older he went with me (and often some friends,) to rodeos and country concerts and state fairs and sometimes even just the Village Inn for a cup of coffee.  He defended my mother against my terrible teenage girl cruelty (you were right dad, I am SO lucky to have her as a mom,) when I was too dumb to listen or to care what others knew was best.  And he never said “I told you so” when all my plans went into the loo.

Just as I am lucky to have my mom as a mom and as my kiddo’s Nana, I am VERY lucky that Coop has his Pop, and that I have been blessed to be one of my Daddy’s “Guys.”


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