Lack of barf Thankful

Over the weekend Cooper had another round of puking – starting around 11pm on Saturday night when he barfed up all his prunes and formula from dinner, and then either had little amounts of vomit or (worst noise ever?) tiny baby dry heaves every half hour or so until 2:30 am.

Sunday during the day was pretty good – he slept a lot, and was eating (reduced amounts but still eating.)  Then at 3:30pm another massive barf. Then a mild fever set in.  Then at 7pm another round of dry heaves.

This morning he seems a bit better, after waking every 4 hours and taking a reasonable amount of formula (reduced on purpose so as not to stress his tummy.)

We haven’t had another vomitting or dry heave incident, praise Him, since the 7pm small amount of dry heaving.  And I am very thankful for that, and will be VERY thankful if we can move back into vomit and fever free territory.




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