Just thankful it is fast.

I once again did not consider that because I am all up in Coop’s business when he is sick, cleaning whatever comes out of wherever, etc, that I would probably end up with  the same funk.

So when I woke up from a nap in the cushy blue nursery chair yesterday afternoon and realized that I was about to barf, it took me by surprise.  Seriously, Keri, buy a clue.  OF COURSE YOU WILL GET IT!!

What I really didn’t count on was it taking out the whole family, so when I heard tell-tale noises coming from the loo at 5 am, it took a second for the realization that The Hub was now under siege to set in.

HOWEVER – by 2:00 this morning I had regained my ability to keep water down, and I have even graduated to sprite and managed to take it in at a pretty good pace and remain vomit-free, so we are looking at a virus that comes on with NO warning and leaves you begging for mercy for about 8 hours or so, and then leaves what is left to kind of rest and get over the trauma of the whole experience.    :/

Today I am just thankful that it is as fast as it is mean –  that Junior seems out of the woods and happy as a clam, and that I am on the upswing, and that HOPEFULLY it means that The Hub will be through the worst in a few hours.



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