Thankful for “little nudges”

I got a ticket on the way to work today.  It is the first one I’ve had since 6 weeks after I turned 16 (when I rolled a Ford Courier in to a cow pasture, so that one was kind of a doozy, but still – ticket-free since then.)

I ran a stop sign on a road I very regularly drive on.  Didn’t even see it as I munched my McMuffin and sang along to MercyMe.

See all that other stuff I was doing?  Yeah – I am thinking the ticket, and my interaction with the very nice police officer today was a not-so-gentle reminder that there can be huge consequences for being distracted.

A little nudge from Him to wake me up – sure a ticket may cost some money, but not noticing a stop sign could lead to something much, MUCH worse.  For those outside my car as well as inside.

So today I am thankful for my ticket – it is a small price to pay to be reminded that I have so very much to be careful for.



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One response to “Thankful for “little nudges”

  1. Maude

    I am thankful it was only a little nudge.

    Love you!

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