Thankful for my “first born”

This is Potter.  Also known as Potter-pie, Bubba, Chewbaca, Smoosh, and My Binky.

7 years ago, right after returning from our Thanksgiving honeymoon to Disney World, we set about finding a dog to adopt.  We looked at a couple of shelters, and then decided to stop by the Denver municipal pound on the way home.

And there he was – in the middle of all these crazy barking doggies, there was this black, furry, matted, snarled little mess of a dog sitting in the middle of his enclosure looking up at me through his overgrown eyebrows.

To say it was love at first sight doesn’t even do it justice.  it was like I found piece of my heart that was missing, and it was shaped like a little fluffy Tibetan Terrier mix.

Here he is soon after we brought him home (at our 1st condo):

So mess-eh and cute…  mmm,   Bink-eh pup-eh.   (His cuteness makes me talk funny.)

I am SO thankful for my baby doggie.



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