Thankful for Thanksgiving!!

I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Probably because my favorite way to spend time with loved ones any time of year is to whip up a bunch of good food, open some wine, and call the troops to see who comes running.  Maybe it is the culinary school drop out in me. Or the mom.  Or the hungry, hungry hippo.

Whatever it is, I just love being all nestled in around the table (preferably at my parents’ house – I don’t know why, but my favorite Thanksgivings are always at their place,)  with family and friends, everyone talking over everyone else in a happy, haphazard, warm kind of way.

It just refills a soul that can get depleted by all of the running around and day-to-day “stuff” we all do.

It reminds me of how amazingly blessed I am in this life, and for that I am so truly thankful.

(Oh, and pumpkin pie – I am thankful for pumpkin pie too. 😉 )

Happy Thanksgiving!


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