Thankful for traditions

It’s time to decorate the Tree House for Christmas!  I love Christmas – Andy Williams was right, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

I love celebrating the birth of  Jesus, being close to family and friends, seeing all the lights under blankets of snow, and just about everything the season has to offer.

This year being Coop’s first Christmas, I am especially excited to decorate and see how he reacts to all the lights and pretty trimmings.  I got him the Little People Nativity so he will have something to play with that isn’t off-limits.  🙂

But decorating is going to take a lot of reorganizing this year – frankly our little condo is packed to overflowing with stuff already.  The place we usually put the tree is kind of the only good corner for his exersaucer – so that will have to find a new home (eek.)  There is just Cooper stuff everywhere.

Tradition is tradition, though – so we will make it work, and our home will be filled Christmas wonder and tradition, old and new this year.  I am thankful for that.


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