I had kind of figured I just wouldn’t add anything until I could give myself an attitude adjustment and come back all perky and life-affirming and all.

Or at least until I found something better than “Spirit of power,  my foot…  no spirit of power here!” to say.

I confess it seems that may not happen soon.

If I was in the “Footprints” poem, there would only be one set of footprints on my beach right now, because I do know that in spite of how crummy (or precisely because  of it, rather, ) He is carrying me, and Coop, and The Hub, and our little dog too, right on through this and into a time of prosperity.

I do know that in my heart, and even in my head most of the time.  Patience is not my strong suit, but I do know it still.

So I just keep trying to do all I can to not miss opportunities He may be sending me into, and doing my best impersonation of Susan from Miracle on 34th st.  “I believe…  I believe…. I know it’s silly, but I believe.”


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