Inspiring Irony.

This morning I had someone tell me I should be a motivational speaker for Women’s  church groups.


Let’s push pause, as I did, to consider that statement.

SOP readers know that I have not exactly been Little-Miss-Uplifiting of late.

I am not certain that “Defeated Realist” is really a description that women who gather are looking for in a speaker.

And who wants a woman who can’t even set herself right to be trying to tell them how to get happy over coffee and snacks in the middle of their very busy days?  The irony of the timing of her statement hung in my mind for quite a while as I considered her statement.

I gave my dear fan a combo snort/eyeroll as I smoothed Junior’s hat head unsuccessfully down.

But she had reasons.  Reasons that, while they did not convince me to get an agent and hit the coffee clatch circuit, did manage to let me see myself in a positive way from another set of eyes.

And it felt good to look at myself like that.

Evidently it is my realistic vision of situations, coupled with my ability to pair adversity with the possibility of His plan for promotion, (for others, although I have been horribly hard on myself about this,) that provoked this statement from a woman I don’t know well, but have always admired greatly.

Here is this woman who, to me looking at her from the outer edges of her life, seems SO incredibly put together, so very far beyond my league, and so “with it” in all ways, and she tells me that listening to me talk to others for the small amount of time each day that our lives intersect has a positive affect on the way she looks at her days.


It seems trite to say something like “maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself after all,” or “maybe I am not the mess I think I am, eh?”    It is kind of more than that.

It’s a little shot of confidence, in a not-so-fabulous time.  A tiny reminder that we can all do something great for someone, just by being the best version of ourselves that we can, without even realizing what we are doing.

It’s nice to know.  That’s all, I  guess – it is just nice to know.



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