All kinds of weather, we stick together…

It has been a while since Dr. Sissy and I talked.  The whole “raising kids, I know you are ok, you know I am ok, we can talk later” thing has kind of prevailed in our relationship of late, and that is ok.

But I forget how our twiny/two halves of the same egg connection can ground me, calm me, and make me feel (rightfully) whole again.

Relating to her as a wife and mother, and as a professional who also has a vision for her career – it reminds me in a way that no one else can, that I am not alone.  Because I have never been alone for one second in my existence, it has always been her and me.  (I know that God is always with us, and that we are not alone and I find strength in that, of course.  But we shared a womb, people!  That is powerful stuff!!)

In true Sissy fashion, her twiny-sense must have been tingling, and she saved me from myself once again.

Thank God for her.  A thousand times again and again, thank God for my sister.


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