No idle hands here.

I have been Busy (capital B required,) at work lately.


Which has actually been kind of fabulous, because the things I have been doing are interesting and challenging and varied – all the things that make work an enjoyable place to spend time, and leave me feeling proud and recharged as I jump in the Keri-mobile to head home for an evening with the fam.

But still – very very busy, and very very tuckered out by the end of the day.  Which means very very neglectful blogger.

BUT there is this – I have been all about Natalie Grant’s “Perfect People”  this week.  I have cranked it and shamelessly shouted along after dropping Jr at daycare every morning.  Love it.

Come as you are, broken and scarred….  and be amazed, and be changed, by a Perfect God.

Go ahead, turn it up – shout it out.  It will change your whole day.



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