About us

Here we were in September of 2004:

The day I married the man that I love, the day we became a family, the day we committed to figuring it all out together, and the day that Reverend Nose Hair said the wrong guy’s name when asking my groom if he “took this woman to be his lawfully wedded wife.”  I’m not kidding.  But that is  a story for another time.

The beginning of December that year brought a new edition to our family, a scruffy little pound dog that we named Potter:

I was overwhelmed by cuteness at first sight, and he has been the furry little center of our universe since that day.

A year-and-a-half later we said goodbye to the condo from my bachelorette days, (a very small, but inexpensive little abode where we valiantly stuck it out while socking away a nice financial cushion, mostly due to my very talented, very responsible husband,) and bought our first home together.

A two-bedroom, two bath condo 6 stories up in a beautiful neighborhood just outside of downtown, The Tree House (as I call it) has been a wonderful home base for us, located right in the heart of all we were looking to enjoy.

It has sheltered and welcomed us and our friends in good times, (like our annual holiday parties,) and trying times (the news in February 2009 that my husband was being laid off from his job, and the 5 months following as he searched for a new one,) and back around again (celebrating the wonderful job he has now, the happy tears in the middle of the night after the phone call announcing the birth of our Nephew, my twin sister’s son,) it has been a good home, indeed.

In March of 2011, we welcomed the newest edition to our little family, Cooper:

A year later we packed up the contents of our cozy condo, and headed back to my hometown, for a brand new bunch of adventures.

(And that sweet little baby is in kindergarten prep!  DON’T BLINK!)

pumpkin patch family 2015


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