Money Saving Recipes

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The Chicken Page (it doesn’t have to be boring!)

These gyro-esque wraps make a little bit of an inexpensive cut of meat go a LONG way – and they are delicious and quick too!

Laughing Cow stuffed pork chops (Make economical thin chops a treat with this recipe. LC cheese can be found on sale and couponed regularly, so stock up!)

Inexpensive,easy, and quicker-than-quick,  Campfire Stew will always be my starting point for beef stew – any meat will work, and good old hamburger made into little meatballs is how I actually like it best.  (Thank you Girl Scouts for burning this recipe into my brain!)

-Economical cuts of beef work great in this crockpot favorite: Shredded Beef Tacos

-Whatever Taco filling we might be using, this has become the go to taco shell method – corn tortillas keep FOREVER in the freezer!

Great appetizer/party food idea ( I have made these with so many different fillings – sweet or savory, anything works!)

This Tamale pie can be filled with almost anything and be delish, and a box of corn muffin mix is (capital C) Cheap!

-Breakfast- for Dinner (Or “brinner”) is a great way to stretch the budget: Try one of these ideas:

Easy Peasy Pancakes

Breakfast Tacos

“Casualty” (Girl Scout Camp Casserole)


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